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6 Weeks between Fat Injections for Brazilian Butt Lift?

The guide for a Brazilian Butt Lifts states "The fat is then injected into your buttocks with a series of injections done six weeks apart to create a shapelier, rounded butt." This has never been suggested by any of the surgeons that I have talked to. Is this six week procedure something new?


Fat Injection for more shapely buttocks

Thanks for your question - In our San Francisco area practice we routinely use fat transfer to enhance buttocks shape (as well as for hand and face rejuvenation). The key to a successful operation is getting the fat that's transferred to survive. That means careful harvest, processing and reinjection of the fat. Typically it takes 3-6 months to really appreciate the final result and the survivability of transferred fat. In that respect 6 weeks would be too early to plan for re-injection of the fat. In addition, remember that freshly harvested fat survives best, meaning that everytime you're thinking about re-injection it means more liposuction. In our practice it is unusual to have to inject fat more than once. I hope this helps.

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