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Are my Breast Sagging Enough That I Should Be Considering Getting a Breast Lift?

I have always had large breasts, most of the women in my family do. Until this past year I had been a 36 DD, but now I am a 36DDD. I know that with my breast size they won't be as "perky" as smaller breast are but are they sagging enough for me to have surgery? I am 21 years old. Since this is how they look now I assume that ageing and potential pregnancies are going to be really tough on them. I have also been trying to lose weight. Could you also tell me if surgery is my only option.


When is it time to get a lift?

Timing for a breast lift is a complicated subject. Breast lifts correct "ptosis" which is another term for breast sag. Ptosis is measured by the position of your nipple in comparison to your breast fold (where your breast meets your chest wall). Typically nipples that are below the infra-mammary fold may be candidates for breast lift. You have some other issues to consider however - You're correct that age contributes to sag (suspensory ligaments that support the breast relax over time). Pregnancy and breast feeding can also contribute to breast sag as well. Finally you mention you're planning on losing weight - this can increase the amount your breasts sag. Consult with a board certified plastic surgeon and consider events that may be in your near future (pregnancy and weight loss) to optimize a time to consider pursuing surgery.

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