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Are the Ideal Implants Available Yet?

I've been wanting these implants in the youtube link above ever since they started the trial test for them. Unfortunately they didn't have any of the implant size I wanted left for me to test. I ended up getting normal saline implants. I still want the ideal implants SOOOO bad and want them to replace my normal saline implants. If they aren't available yet, does anyone know when they will become available?


Ideal implants?

Thanks for your question The good news is implant technology continues to improve. This means more natural feeling breasts, lower rupture risk, etc. In addition surgical techniques continue to improve (think lower risk of infection, quicker recovery, better cosmetic results). It is important to focus on your results and your cosmetic needs. Implants undergo a strenuous government approval process (in many ways more stringent than medications that are approved). There can be long delays in getting an implant approved for use in the United States. I hope this helps!

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