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Bathing 6 Weeks After Breast Reduction

I Am 6 Weeks Post Breast Reduction,and Incisions Are Without Scabs Etc,is It Safe to Bathe?


Bathing After Surgery

Thanks for your question. You should contact your surgeon for these types of questions as practices do vary. Also you should be provided with clear post-operative instructions.

In our San Francisco Bay Area practice we have patients wait until after their bandages are removed at their first post-operative appointment before showering. We advise all patients to refrain from soaking in a bathtub until 2 weeks post-operative and soaking in pools, lakes, or rivers until 4 weeks post-op to minimize risk of infection.

Additionally, as an alternative to delaying washing your hair or washing in the sink you may be able to find a local salon that will wash your hair for less than the price of a haircut. I hope this helps.

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