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Better Medication for Pseudomonas Due to Breast Implants?

What medication is best for pseudomonas due to breast implants? Is it Levaquin or Cipro?


Antibiotic treatments for breast augmentation infection

Thanks for your question - Breast implant infections are serious and can require oral antibiotics, IV antibiotics or additional surgery including removing the implants. Implants of course themselves do not cause Pseudomonas infection but can become colonized with the bacteria. Implants (breast and otherwise) require particular attention to suspected infection because as a foreign material they are significantly more susceptible to infection than your normal tissue. Ciprofloxacin (INN) is a synthetic antimicrobial agent used to treat severe and life threatening bacterial infections. Ciprofloxacin is commonly referred to as a fluoroquinolone (or quinolone) drug and is a member of the fluoroquinolone class of antibacterials. Levaquin is also a flurooquinolone (considered 3rd generation). Levaquin and Ciprofloxacin are broad-spectrum antibiotics that are active against both Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria. (Pseudomonas is a gram negative rod). It functions by inhibiting DNA gyrase, a type II topoisomerase, and topoisomerase IV, which is are enzymes necessary to separate replicated DNA. If the replicated DNA can't be separated then cell division is inhibited. If cell division is inhibited the bacteria cannot reproduce. So the medications you're asking about, Cipro and Levaquin, work in the same way. As with any medication there are contraindications, allergies and sensitivities that must be individualized. In addition there have been bacterial resistance to either or both medication. The answer depends on the clinical scenario. I hope this helps.

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