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Botox After Browlift?

The browlift I had a couple of months ago did not raise the outer corners of my eyebrow. I am guessing I would have seen this effect by now. How long should I wait before I can get botox to my eyebrows to do this. My forehead has no lines on it so I wouldnt need botox there. How many units would you suggest?


Botox After Brow Lift

Three months after a brow lift is generally an acceptable time to use Botox or Dysport for an additional lift of the outer brow. After three months the swelling from the surgery should have subsided and the position of the brow does not change dramatically from this point on without additional intervention. In order to achieve a temporary additional lift of the outer brow, a small amount of Botox or Dysport may be injected into the upper/outer portion of the circular muscle around the eye (orbicularis oculi). Depending on your desired results, you may require additional surgery as a more permanent solution. As always if you are unsatisfied with your results it is best to first discuss your outcome with your surgeon.

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