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Botox or Fillers on a patient Considered High-risk for Breast Cancer?

I am considered at risk for breast cancer, and I am weary of injecting potentially toxic Botox or fillers. Is my fear unfounded?


Botox and Breast Cancer

Quick Answer: There is no reason to believe Botox or fillers will affect your likelihood of developing breast cancer. Thank you for your question. Botox and fillers are completely unrelated to breast cancer. While there are many factors that can contribute to developing breast cancer, fortunately Botox and filler injections do not. In our San Francisco area practice we provide these treatments regardless of one’s risk or history of breast cancer. /n Furthermore, injectable products such as Botox and fillers are intended to act locally, meaning stay where they are injected and not affect other parts of the body. For example when the products are injected in to the face, there are no changes to the breast, even on a microscopic level. I hope this helps.

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