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Brazilian Butt Lift Vs. Butt Implants - Which option is Better for Hips?

I am thinking of getting a Brazilian butt lift surgery. I am 19 years old now & I have no hips at all, in fact my hips seem to sink in. I am 33" in the hips. I would love my measurements to be 34-24-37, right now I'm 34-26-33. My butt does not sag, it's perky. I have a lot of cheek but no hips. How should I go about this? Would implants be better?


Brazilian Butt Lift as a tool to contour your shape

Thanks for the question. The term "brazilian butt lift" is just a name for a surgical technique which involves removing fat from one area of your body and replacing it somewhere else. In our San Francisco area practice we have had good success with transferring this fat to enhance the shape of the buttocks (a traditional Brazilian Butt Lift), the hips or other areas where people wish to have additional volume. In the hands of an experienced surgeon this can be a powerful tool. Implants will not work as well to improve the contour of your hip. I hope this helps.

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