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Breast and Scar Appearance After Explantation Surgery?

I recently had done breast augmentation surgery with 475cc implants. Its been 1.5 weeks after operation, and had it done in Hungary. I was a small B before. Now, I'd like my implants removed. Will my breast look the same as before? Will I have scars much lower now than my breasts once I have implants out? Is it possible to relocate scars and hide them in the crease of my breasts? I understood that implants are not for me. The result is okay, but when I read all possible complications in the future, I just feel like i will never be able to relax anymore. Besides, they feel fake too. I would feel much better if I just have scars than future problems.


Removing breast implants

Thank you for your question - First I'd like to mention that it is a bit unusual to decide to have your implants removed after only two weeks. The issues you bring up, however, are reasonable. In our San Francisco area practice we try to carefully discuss these issues to avoid the situation you're in. In your case, the implants can likely be removed from the same incision that was used to place the implants. Your breasts will look different than they did prior to the implants, possibly with additional sagging and looseness. Some of this may improve over time given the short period of time you've had the implants. I hope this helps.

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