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Breast Augmentation surgery with Minimal Natural Breast Tissue?

My fiance is Asian and has little or no breast tissue. She wears a bra that is essentially all foam, as there is no need to wear one. She is very self-conscious about it and wants to have breast augmentation surgery. I am concerned that with so little natural tissue that it would not look right, and she might be even more self-conscious. Would breast implants look natural on a woman with little or no natural tissue, and if so, how much enhancement could she expect ? She is very thin with very tight skin.


Breast implant size in small breasted women can be challenging

Thanks for your question - A natural appearance for breast augmentation is something that most women strive for and it is correct to be concerned with minimal breast tissue that the implant may be more obvious. Of these the most important is likely size. Choosing too large an implant will typically appear unnatural and in my practice we strive to balance the patient's desires and expectation with a shape that will complement - not look unusual. Most breast augmentations are placed under the muscle and this can help hide the implant. Being able to feel the implant or see rippling (especially when the breasts are hanging) is a common problem with saline implants that may be improved by using silicone implants. There is a tradeoff here though - typically silicone implant scars are wider since the implants are full as opposed to saline implants which start out empty and are filled once in position. Scar size and position can be a critical consideration if she decides to stay on the small side as an inframmary scar may not be hidden by the size of the breast. I hope this helps.

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