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Breast Implant Damage After A Car Accident

I had a breast augmentation surgery in June of last year. Everything looked great until after a car accident recently. The damage to my car was over $5,000. Since I didn't have any broken bones, I wasn't sure if my issue was caused by the accident. My right breast has dropped. I have no pain in the breast, and it is very soft. My left breast has not changed at all. I have before and after pictures of my breast in clothes. Your help is greatly appreciated. P.S. I did follow up with my surgeon, and only got to see his assistant that day. She prescribed steroids thinking my left breast had a capsular contracture, and recommended that I do breast massages only on my left breast. My left breast isn't the issue here; it is my right breast that changed overnight as you can see in the before and after pictures.


Trauma after breast implants

Thanks for the question. It is difficult to answer without examining you and seeing the issues you're concerned about. After trauma there are several issues regarding implants: First - Are the implants intact or has the trauma caused a leak? With saline implants this can be relatively obvious as deflation occurs almost immediately. With silicone implants this can be harder to detect. Second - Has the envelope (including the capsule or scar tissue) around the implant ruptured or torn? This can cause asymmetry in implant positioning. Signs (in addition to the asymmetry) can include a tearing or popping sensation at the time of trauma or bruising around the breast. Third - Has there been bleeding around the implant? This can result in a hard breast as a hematoma forms around the breast. You should see a board certified plastic surgeon to evaluate your implants. I hope this helps.

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