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Breast Implants to Lift Slightly Sagging Breasts?

Would breast implants improve my slightly sagging breasts without a lift or would I need a lift as well? My chest lacks volume (I have lost alot of weight), and my breasts look far apart, deflated and a bit saggy from the front. But from the side, the nipple and areola are well above the crease. I'm 22 and plan to have kids and breast feed them someday. I'm 5'4 and 128 pounds and my bra size is a small 34B (Breast width=13cm). I'd like to be a full C-D cup again (that was my cup size when I was heavier). What kind of implants would suit me best?


breast implants for breast lift

Thanks for the great question - Breast implants can provide a small amount of lift. In this case the larger the implant the more lift you will get. Whether this is the right choice for you is difficult to say without an physical examination. Part of the decision depends on the quality of your skin (skin with poor elasticity tends to be more difficult to provide a good lift without additional procedures.) Part of the discussion would also include the amount of lift you were seeking. But based on your description, desired size and pictures you'd likely be able to get the look you're looking for with just a moderate sized breast augmentation (you're likely looking at moderate or moderate plus shaped implant with a size of between 350 - 425). I hope this helps. Be sure to find a board certified plastic surgeon and have a careful conversation with him or her.

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