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Breast Lift Options? Don't Want an Anchor Scar or Implants.

I'd like a breast lift. A recent convo with a plastic surgeon greatly discouraged me; he said an anchor scar was my only option. I've seen women with greater degrees of ptosis with lollipop lifts. I was also interested in the internal sling lift. My biggest concern is feeling like "myself but better," w/ minimal scars; I want natural looking results individual to my case. I don't want implants or tiny nipples. Sagging is mostly on the top of the breast down, not under by the fold. Please advise.


Breast Lift Options

A lollipop lift - or a vertical mastopexy - can be very powerful in terms of correcting breast ptosis. A Wise pattern lift (anchor scar) has the ability to typically provide better correction but you may be able to get the look your seeking with a vertical alone. What can be a valuable step is to bring photos of what you'd like your post-op results to look like. Review them with your surgeon to best determine the appropriate surgery. Also keep in mind that the transverse part of the scar is usually well hidden within the breast fold.

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