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Breast Lift or Other Options for Breast Implants Placed Too Low?

I currently have 575 HP saline breast implants under the muscle and I feel they are placed too low. I want a higher, tighter look, but I don't really want to go bigger. Can I get a breast lift without removing my current implants? What would be my options? I want something with least amount of scarring, because my scars are pretty dark still after 2 years. How much does a procedure like that cost on average? Thanks.


What to do when implants are too low

Thanks for the question. You have some great answers here. You likely need a lift. You plastic surgeon has already used high profile implants (and used 575 cc of volume). You have come close to maximizing the amount of lift you can expect from implants alone. Unfortunately this means scars. You could be a good candidate for a vertical lift which would minimize the lift scars. In our San Francisco office, this is a procedure we frequently help patients who have had implants that are low or breasts that are ptotic (saggy). When you speak to your plastic surgeon also ask if there is a role for acellular dermal matrix to help support the implants and decrease your risk of future sag. I hope this helps.

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