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Breast Lift surgery of Good Breast After Unilateral Mastectomy?

I'm 35 years old and in two weeks, I'll have Mastectomy of left breast and immediate Breast Reconstruction with an implant-expander. The PS told me that my right breast (the good one) needs just 2 cm lift which he will do with crescent lift. The second option is to put a small implant and increase size a little bit. What do you think? Which procedure would have the best result (more symmetric breasts) in my body (my chest is skinny as you can see in the pic) for now and in the future? Thank you in advance.


Mastopexy (breast lift) after mastectomy reconstruction

Thanks for the great question. The simple answer is it is too early to be able to tell the best answer. Most symmetry operations after mastectomy and reconstruction are staged. This gives time for the reconstruction to settle and find its final shape as well as give you more of a chance to see what you desire and need for symmetry. While multiple surgeries means a longer reconstruction process typically it produces greater cosmesis. Typically "crescent" lifts have minimal power in truly lifting the breast. Your insurance company should cover any symmetry procedures to the normal breast. Take care of the cancer and the immediate reconstruction and then evaluate the overall shape and create a plan six months after your reconstruction. I hope this helps.

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