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Breasts are Uneven and its Very Depressing

Ok i had uneven breast before i got my breast augmentation. My left was smaller so my plastic surgeon put 40cc extra in it.. he told me in my preop that it would be aobut 15-20cc.. then after surgery i was informed he put 40cc..i think this was WAY to much.. and now my left is was smaller b4 surgery. I'm 18 days post op today. i feel like i paid $4000 to have big uneven boobs when i could of had small uneven boobs for free.. My plastic surgeon said that it was swelling. I dont think its just swelling i think there always going to be like this..


Uneven breasts after augmentation

Thank you for your question - I'm sorry you're having issues. You raised a very complicated issue. First and foremost it is entirely too early to know what the final breast shape will be at 18 days post-op. I know it can be difficult but try to give yourself at least three months. Things that you can do to pass the time that will help in the event you do need a revision include taking a picture of yourself once a week to demonstrate the changes that occur in the shape of your breasts as the swelling comes down. This can give your surgeon valuable information about what your breasts are doing as the healing process continues. In addition - try to keep the pictures as standardized as possible (even small details count when analyzing symmetry - for example in the picture you have posted your left shoulder is slightly higher than your right). In terms of what I can see in your photo it does seem like the left breast has more volume than the right. However the difference between 20 and 40cc is almost undetectable even in very experienced hands. (I wrote a paper analyzing plastic surgeon sensitivity to implant size which illustrated the difficulty of detecting small changes in volume). Things that strongly influence symmetry pre-op: chest wall shape breast mass nipple position difference in ptosis (sagging) position of inframammary fold Things that strongly influence symmetry post-op (and things that your surgeon can use to improve symmetry between the breasts): implant size implant shape implant position pocket size and shape Things that are difficult to change with implants alone include: asymmetry in position of the nipple asymmetry of the breast fold I know it can be hard but don't despair, the shape will continue to evolve over time and your asymmetry may most certainly be due to swelling. I hope this helps.

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