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Butt Lift or Brazilian Butt Lift surgery?

I recently lost 100lbs and even though I have hips, my butt looks like it deflates and sinks in. I was interested in getting a Brazilian Butt Lift, but two plastic surgeons have said to do a Butt Lift (even though I don't have much sagging), and they can overlay the fat on my hips on top of fat in order to not get flat buttocks. Does this sound right or should I pursue the Brazilian Butt Lift?


Butt Lift vs Fat Transfer

Thanks for your question - It is somewhat complicated to determine what is best. Many times patients with massive weight loss (congratulations by the way!) have significant amounts of excess skin. This can be a challenge for a traditional brazilian buttock lift. You may need to have some excess skin removed as well. Brazilian buttock lift is designed to add volume to give your posterior an improved contour. It has limited power at improving large amounts of excess skin. I hope this helps.

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