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Butt Thread Lift procedure: Could It Have Worked?

I had a butt Thread Lift procedure. It has been a nightmare you cannot imagine. Now, three surgries later, my butt still looks the same, and it cost me $6,500. Is it even possible for this procedure to work?


Thread Buttock Lifts

Generally thread buttock lifts are not long lasting and have minimal corrective power - this means that they sometimes aren't the best answer for most patients. Traditional buttock lifts are complicated by long down time and large scars. Brazillian butt lifts are a way to contour the buttocks so that fat can be taken from an area where it isn't desired (usually the abdomen) and placed in the buttocks to improve the contour. This also provides a lift. Both traditional and brazillian techniques are longer lasting and have a substantially longer track record of effective results than thread lift techniques. I'd be curious to know if your thread lift was done by a Plastic Surgeon. I hope this helps.

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