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Can Botox be Customized?

I'm on my third day of my second ever Botox treatment and I still hate the results. I have fake Hollywood face again. Does anyone have advice on how to interview cosmetic centers to find out the level of consultation they offer? I’m looking for a customized injection pattern or dosage that can minimize my problem areas without killing my face. Each place I’ve called had vapid sounding receptionists offering to set consultation appointments for $40 to $65 but didn't hear what I was looking for.


Customizing Botox

Thanks for your question - Typically Botox can take 3-7 days to fully take effect. Botox injections are really always customized (or should be). Facial anatomy, depth of the wrinkles, skin tone and previous treatments are all key guides to getting a good result. In your case careful discussion with your doctor about your previous results with Botox will likely be very helpful as you have a specific amount of correction you're looking for. Find a plastic surgeon that is willing to take the time to sit down with you and carefully discuss your goals with you. Sometimes injections can be treated as a bit of a commodity. I hope this helps.

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