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Can Botox Impair Eyesight?

I had Botox done approx. 4 weeks ago and now I have a droopy eyelid, and I'm also finding it difficult to focus with my right eye. Is this normal, and has anyone gone thru this before? How long does it last?


Botox and Droopy lids

For patients that have some degree of upper lid ptosis (an eyelid that is slightly lower than it should be) or for patients with significant brow ptosis your frontalis muscle (your forehead muscle) may have been compensating for the extra skin. Botox may be blocking the action of that muscle causing you to be unable to use your forehead muscle to keep that skin out of the way. Botox can also diffuse into muscles that are responsible for keeping your lid elevated though this is rare. Botox should not affect your ability to focus. You should consult a physician about these problems. I hope this helps.

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