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Can Breast Implants Leak Due to Sleeping Position

I am a stomach sleeper. My breast seem to be getting smaller over time judging by their look and bra size. Also over time, the rippling seems to be more noticeable. Could sleeping on my stomach cause a slow leak that only happens every night? Can a visit to a doctor determine this or would a surgery be needed? I had them done in 2000 and they are saline filled. Thank you for the info.


Implants and stomach sleepers.

Thanks for your question. Typically saline implants manifest leaks quickly. This means that if there's a leak it should happen quickly. Slow leaks are very unusual for saline implants. In addition sleeping on your stomach should not cause implant ruptures in any type of implant. Anytime you're concerned about the shape change in your breasts you should see your surgeon. I hope this helps!

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