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Can I get an Eye Infection from Botox Eye Droop?

I had Botox injections done last month, and I experienced drooping in one eye. I used drops to deal with the drooping, and somehow, my eye got infected. Could the infection have anything to do with Botox or the eye drops?


Difficult to be sure

Without understanding more of your history it is difficult to be sure (for example have you ever had an eye infection before? What was the nature of the eye infection?). When botox spreads to muscles that affect the lid there can be a problem with drooping. Typically this would mean that the lid muscles would not elevate the lid and one could argue that the mechanical wiping motion and flushing of the natural fluid over the eye into the tear ducts could cause some bacterial build-up. But the cause could just as easily be the application of eye drops or any number of other causes. I hope it has improved and you have followed up with your treating physician. Steven Williams, MD

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