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Can I Get Brazilian Butt Lift surgery and Inner Thigh Lift surgery at the Same Time?

Would it be possible to have these two procedures Brazilian Butt and Inner Thigh Lift Lift combined ? The fat to be used in the Brazilian Butt Lift would be liposuctioned from the thighs. Would it be too much trauma in that part of the body at one time? Thank you.


Where to get fat for Brazilian Butt Lift

Thanks for your question. Brazilian butt lifts involve liposuction techniques to obtain an adequate amount of fat to transfer. We typically look for about 2 liters of fat out for every 500 cc of fat we plan on using. It is important to be able to select fat that will survive in its transplanted location. We typically injects 300-500 cc of fat in each buttock. It would likely not be possible to get sufficient fat from your thighs alone. Your abdomen, flanks and arms are other good sources. If you need significant skin reduction you may also need an inner thigh lift. While these procedures can be combined it may provide better results to perform the liposuction and fat transfer first to get a true idea of what your inner thighs will look like. When we harvest fat we inject fluid which can distort the anatomy somewhat making it more challenging to perform a thigh lift at the same time. I hope this helps.

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