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Can I Get Breast Impants Without having a Lift?

I have small breast with a little sag/extra skin but dont want to have a breast lift. After 2 children and breastfeeding I have a little extra skin and want to achieve larger fuller breast with implants - can i get these results without a breast lift?


When do you need a breast lift?

Thanks for your question - It is very common after breast feeding children that your breasts may have less volume especially at the upper portion of the breasts. This can be the perfect setting for a breast augmentation. The challenge may come if your breasts have developed some sag after breast feeding. The way to gauge is examine the position of your nipple in comparison to where your breast fold is. If your nipple is significantly below the fold you may need a lift. Getting an implant alone in this situation can look strange. In our San Francisco area practice we always spend considerable time analyzing the breast shape as well as the desired look for our patients. I hope this helps!

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