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Can I get Ultrasound or Laser Treatment for Capsular Contracture?

So I had a Breast Augmentation done almost 6 months ago and at 3 months developed capsular contracture on left breast. I have been on accolate for 2 months and now just recently my right side is starting the same thing. Is there such a thing as laser treatment for helping capsular contracture? I read there was this treatment for capsular contracture with ultrasound through a facility called Aspen Rehabilation?


Treatments for capsular contracture after breast augmentation

Thanks for the question - Capsular contracture is a known complication of breast augmentation. Bilateral capsular contracture this close to your breast augmentation while you're on Accolate is unusual. It is likely that you will need replacement of your implants with capsulectomy. Other treatments may not be adequate. Ultrasound has produced some disappointing results for capsular contracture resolution. Be sure to discuss your situation with your plastic surgeon as soon as possible. I hope this helps.

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