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Can Liposuction and Brazilian Butt Lift Cause Cellulite?

I am planning on getting the Brazilian butt lift soon. I have already had abdomen Liposuction so the doc wants to lipo my inner thigh, lower back, bra area, the area under my arm, and my arms. Will lipo of inner thigh make my cellulite worse? Also, will adding fat to my butt cause cellulite to appear in my butt? She said the procedure will be about 5 hrs and I'm wondering about recovery, etc. I am a dancer and want to know when I can take off the compression garment and go back to work? I added one of my modeling photos so you can get an idea of my body pre-surg.


Brazilian butt lift and cellulite

Thanks for your question Cellulite remains an extremely challenging problem. Typically liposuction will not improve or worsen cellulite. There are some techniques for improving extremely bad cellulite that involves small cannula microsuction but this is usually reserved for more severe cases. In our San Francisco area practice, we have not found adding fat during a brazilian butt lift causes an increase in cellulite. We haven't found it decreases it either. I hope this helps!

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