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Can Textured Breast Implants Cause Tissue Loss During Removal?

I currently have the Inamed 410 form stable implants - 280 grams. I am having surgery to have them replaced in March 2009 with 200cc Mentor Round Moderate Profile Silicones. The 410s are textured and I've heard that when these implants are removed, the breast tissue that they had adhered to can be removed with the implant as well. Is this true? I didn't have much tissue to start with and would hate to lose any that I did have. Also, the fact that my first BA was in early December of 2008 (only three months before my re-do) mean that perhaps the implant hasn't completely adhered? Thanks in advance. Your repsonses have been very comforting.


Breast Implants and Volume Loss on replacement

Thanks for the question. Changing implants in itself will not cause tissue loss. If you have a thick capsule and it needs to be removed then there can be some tissue loss as part of removing the capsule. In addition, the thickness of the overlying tissue may stretch out some and appear thinner - this doesn't mean that there is tissue loss, but the distribution post-breast augmentation can be very different. Be sure to discuss the shape of the implant as well as your expectations. Also make sure you're working with board certified plastic surgeon. I hope this helps!

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