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Can the Scars from the Lipo for the Brazilian Buttlift Be Minimized?

Hello, I am considering getting the Brazilian Buttlift but I am worried about the amount of scars I will receive afterwards. I understand that liposuction has to be done for the fat transfer and I read that it has to be harvested from different areas of the body. My concern is that I don't want too many little scars on my body and was wondering if it is possible they can lipo only one or two parts of my body (say just from the thighs and abdomen)?


Scars from Brazilian Buttlift

Thanks for your question. In our San Francsico area practice we perform this operation frequently. The principal benefit from a Brazilian is the significant contour change with small amount of scar. We hide the lipo scars (typically less than a centimeter long) in the belly button for the abdomen and at the lateral flanks for the flank liposuction area. We usually require 3 small scars to get the fat back in - one of them is hidden in the vertical gluteal cleft. I encourage you to look at our before and after photos here on RealSelf or on our website to see for yourself. Thanks!

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