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Can the Serdev Suture Lift to Buttocks Improve Look of Banana Rolls?

Serdev suture buttock lift is supposed to give the legs a more elongated look, and also mabye improve appearance of banana rolls by lifting tissue. Little to no improvement to banana roll. I am a bit underweight and am wondering if the solution might be excision of loose skin of my banana rolls. Also, it hs been 3 months and I still have pain to the buttocks. A sensation of "pulling" or "opposing" when change positions. It is a burning sensation that feels like tissue is being pulled.


Can suture techniques lift the buttocks?

Thanks for your question. In our Bay Area practice we perform buttock enhancement operations commonly. Generally speaking, suture suspension techniques do not provide lasting correction. Other techniques like fat grafting or even skin excision when necessary will give you a safer, longer lasting result. I hope this helps!

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