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CC's Vs. Units? For Botox cost?

How common is it for doctors to sell Botox in cc's instead of units? How much does Botox cost per cc vs. per unit?


Botox Costs

Great question Di, Typically Botox is charged by either the unit or by the area treated. In either case you should make sure you know how many units you're getting as that may be the only reliable way to compare price. Pricing by the cc (cubic centimeter) does not make as much sense as Botox must be diluted and more of the diluting saline will lower the concentration. (You may get more cc's but fewer units). Always ask to see how many units you received. In my San Francisco based practice we administer Botox by the area but always tell patients how many units they have received. In addition make sure you go to a board certified plastic surgeon, facial plastic surgeon or dermatologist! Good luck.

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