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Cohesive Gel Implants Swell After I do Push Ups

I had breast augmentation surgery 2 1/2 years ago. These were the cohesive gel implants. The other day i was doing push-ups and felt something pop or strain. A day later, one of my breasts became swollen, twice the size of my other breast. Since then I've had a mammogram and an MRI; but both showed no tears nor ruptures in the implant. I am experiencing no pain nor any bruising at all--just swelling. What do you think is going on?


Pop and swelling with breast implants

Thanks for your question - Your symptoms could be as the other plastic surgeons describe but it could very likely be a rupture of the capsule around the implant. (This is not the same thing as a rupture of the implant shell). After breast augmentation your body forms scar tissue around the implant. This is typically a soft pliable envelope around the implant but in some situtations can be thick and painful. Sometimes after trauma or strong muscle action (the latter is much rarer) the capsule can tear or rupture. This can cause some displacement of the implant. The key here may be comparing the position of the implant to the ribs or pectoralis to see if there is considerable asymmetry. If the shape is bothersome scar revision may be indicated. Discuss these issues with your surgeon. I hope this helps.

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