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Dallas Breast Lift and Brazilian Butt Lift surgery Doctor Recommendations

I am thinking of having both Breast Lift and Brazillian Butt Lift done by the same doctor. Can anyone recommend to me a good doctor in Dallas who can perform both of these procedures in one surgery?


Combining mastopexy and brazilian butt lift - Probably not safe.

Thanks for your question - In our San Francisco area practice we do a great number of brazilian butt lifts and occasionally can combine them with other procedures. When considering when to combine operations things to think about include length of surgery, can the operations be combined safely and what is the benefit to combining these procedures. Autologous fat transfer in experienced hands typically takes at least 4 hours and can take as many as six. Transferring the fat carefully to maximize fat survival is the most laborious part of the operation. Adding 2 more hours for a mastopexy (that's our average in my office) is significant and would likely mean a longer operative time than warranted for the benefit of combining the surgery. The other issue is the timing of the surgeries. You'd likely have to perform the lift after you've injected the fat (you wouldn't want to be laying on newly lifted breasts and you have to be prone (on your stomach) during the fat transfer). This means a longer time laying on your back side which may also affect the longevity of the fat. Talk to a board certified plastic surgeon experienced with these procedures. Good luck.

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