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Do I Need Surgery to Correct Breast Implant Placement?

Should I have revision surgery to correct the placement of my breast implants? I had a Breast augmentation surgery 3 years ago and they never quite settled down to where the scar is. They are heavier on the top as well, especially on the right side. I think they should be fuller on the bottom. I have read about open Capsulotomy, and I think maybe that's something I should consider. My breast always look too high in clothes, and dont slope like natural breast do. I've attached a photo where you can see the scars are about a half inch below the crease, the distance increases when I raise my arms. Thanks for your help!


Implant size and breast tissue

Thanks for your question - I think that there may be several issues here. The first may be that you might see improvement by lowering the position of the implants. But you may have issues of breast ptosis (sagging). From the image it appears that the breast tissue is hanging from the implant which can be a classic problem of the breast being too saggy for an augmentation. Admittedly it is difficult to determine this from the single image you've shown. But when you speak with your doctor be sure to think about whether maybe the implants are in the correct place but the breast tissue requires a lift. I hope this helps.

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