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Excess Flab on Sides After Breast Reduction surgery

I had Breast Reduction surgery around five years ago, followed by a lot of complicatons (which were fixed by another doctor). Now, I'm concerned about the excess flab on my sides from my surgery. It's really bothersome if i don't put a bra on, or if I wear certian kinds of bra. Are there any procedures for fixing this? If so, is it possible for such procedures to be covered by insurance?


Dog Ears after breast reduction

Thanks for your question - It sounds as if you have some excess skin and fat at the end of the transverse part of your breast reduction scars. This can be more common in patients that have some excess tissue to begin with at the lateral aspects of your chest. In many cases liposuction can improve this but in some cases additional incisions may be necessary to adequately correct this. Discuss these issues with your previous plastic surgeon. Unfortunately insurance does not typically cover this. I hope this helps.

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