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Facial Exercising or Scowling after Botox

I had a Botox injection (8 units) yesterday for the frown lines between my brows. Why was I told to exercise the injected muscle frequently by scowling for the following two days? I thought that the muscle is supposed to be paralyzed. I asked my doctor and she said it's for working the Botox into the muscle. Can someone (preferrably a doctor) give me some more input because it does not make sense to me? Thank you.


Botox Exercises

Thanks for the question - I agree with Dr. Shafer that 8 units is a small amount botox to use for this area. In our San Francisco office we do not ask patients to "exercise" the muscles after injection. We discourage massage or any other technique to move the botox from where we've injected it. I hope this helps.

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