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Fat used in Breast Reconstruction?

Where does the fat come from when used in breast reconstruction surgery? Is everyone a candidate for this?


Breast Reconstruction with Fat Transfer

Thanks for the great question. In our San Francisco Bay Area practice we can utilize your own fat (fat transfer) to reconstruct minor deformities of the breast. Subcutaneous fat (fat just under the skin) is removed with liposuction, processed then injected directly into to the sites that are lacking in volume. Fat is commonly taken from the abdomen, back, and thighs although it is not limited to these locations. Even very slender patients generally have enough fat for transferring. Patients who have small contour irregularities following lumpectomies may be good candidates for fat transfer. When larger volumes of are required to meet a patient’s desired results (i.e. following mastectomy) breasts are reconstructed using silicone implants or by rearranging existing muscles and skin.For more information on breast reconstruction visit a board certified plastic surgeon. I hope this helps.

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