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Fluid Complication After Breast Augmentation Surgery?

I had breast augmentation surgery under the muscle 10/08. One month later I had healed but then became feverish, and my breasts were red/swollen. The Dr's first instinct was MRSA. He started me on Keflex/Septra and put in a drain 3mos ago. I had clean cultures (4 fluid & 1 tissue). There's signs of capsular contracture, and the pocket might have closed-up (implant doesn't move). My surgeon believes I may have a large tear in the normal capsule around the implant that affected the lymphatic system and wants to patiently wait until drainage stops before closing me up. Does this sound right?


Capsular Contracture and Infection

Thanks for your question The last paragraph of your question is somewhat confusing. I'm not sure what "closing me up" refers to. It does sound like your implant got infected. Even though the infection may have resolved capsular contracture is a common sequelae of an infected breast implant. Typically, capsular contracture requires surgical removal of the capsule (the scar tissue around the implant). There is also some debate about replacing the implant at the same time of capsular contracture removal. Many surgeons agree that infected implants have a biofilm that can pre-dispose them to recurrent capsular contracture and should be replaced. Talk to your surgeon about ways to minimize recurrent capsular contracture. I hope this helps.

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