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Forehead Numbness After a Brow Lift surgery?

I've had an endoscopic brow lift surgery along with an upper and lower eye lift. It has been 10.5 months and I still have numbness on the right side of my forehead, and that eyebrow is slightly lifted. The area under the eyebrows seems to be thicker or swollen, even though my doctor says that it's impossible at this time. I have tingling sensations in my forehead, my eyebrow area and between my forehead, which I'm told is a good thing to feel. I just want to make sure, is everything okay and will things eventually get better for me?


Tingling and Nerve Injury

Thanks for the question - It is unusual to have numbness on your forehead 10 months after endo brow lift. Sometimes the trochars or the dissection can stretch the nerve. These injuries will usually resolve on their own. A nerve called the supraorbital nerve provides sensation to the forehead and scalp. (You have one on each side that arises from the level of your eyebrow. If you push with your finger at about midbrow you can actually feel the hole in your skull that this nerve exits (the hole is called a foramen). You may have actually described a key part of the healing process. The tingling you're feeling may be something known in the medical community as Tinel's sign. It signals where sensory nerves may be healing. The tingling should travel away from your eye towards your scalp if this was the nerve that was injured. Unfortunately at this time all you can do is wait. But take some comfort in the fact that permanent injury is rare. I hope this helps.

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