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HELP in Fixing Botox Brow

Two weeks ago I had BOTOX injected into my forehead and I wasn't aware of what "muscle relaxation" would mean for my appearance. Now, If I lift both my brows up at the same time, I look evil because the front part of brow is now lower than before. If I dont lift both brows I look kinda normal. My injector/MD suggested she could soften the look by injecting botox near/under the brow. The additional injection was yeterday and I am worried that I will get a flat brown or it will be worse


Botox Correction

Thanks for your question - It sounds like there has been a dramatic paralysis of the central portion of the frontalis muscle. It sounds like your injector planned to further weaken some of the lateral aspects of the muscle to balance things out. There isn't a great way to decrease the efficacy of Botox once its injected. The effects will be temporary. Hopefully the balancing injections will work out well. I hope this helps.

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