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How Can I Increase the Space Between my Breasts with Cosmetic Breast Surgery?

Most women's breasts are seperated, and you can see like a path way in the middle that keeps the breasts separate. But I don't have that... it looks like my breasts are joined together. Is there any way to increase the space between my breasts? Would cosmetic surgery be able to do anything?


Symmastia Correction

The condition of having no division between the breast mounds is called symmastia. It is usually a complication of over dissecting a pocket during breast augmentation or the use of implants that have a diameter that is too large for the chest wall. It is an extremely difficult complication to correct and most techniques involve using suture to decrease the size of the pocket. If you have not had previous surgery on your breasts and think that they are just naturally close together (congenital symmastia is extremely rare and I have never seen a case) as long as there is some natural division liposuction techniques can improve the medial contour. I hope this helps.

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