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How can I Stop a Silicone Implant from dropping?

I am two weeks post op from TABA with silicone 300/325cc unders (34 maybe-a-B preop)and since my surgery I have had what looks like a double bubble. It seems to be getting a bit worse. I have been wearing an underwire full coverage bra since surgery. Is there anything I can do to prevent further dropping of the implant and if it needs surgical revision...what would be the best method? How much can these revisions usually cost if performed by another physician?


Breast Augmentation problems

Thanks for the question. It may be too early to be looking at revision. However, I would add that typically early issues like double bubble or low riding implants are less likely to improve over time, than issues of the implants riding a little high or small asymmetries. Double bubble deformity can be caused from breast augmentations in patients that also needed a breast lift (think of the implant being in a correct position to augment your breasts but your breast tissue being positioned inferiorly). Contstricted or tuberous breasts can also have this problem and require special scoring and pocket shaping techniques. Your best option is to give yourself 3 - 6 months to heal - you may have improvement in shape and contour. Stay in close contact with your plastic surgeon and advise him or her of your concerns. If you still have problems discuss revision with your original surgeon or another board certified plastic surgeon. I hope this helps.

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