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How Can I Tell if My Breast Implants Bottom Out?

Dear Doctors, I've had a slight concern about my nipple and whether it sits too high on my breast mound. It has been 6 months post op. I'd like to have your professional opinion on whether you think my breast implants have bottomed out. Can you tell just by looking at the implants whether they are bottoming out, or are there other considerations? How do you know when it is time to call your surgeon?


When to call the surgeon

The time to call the surgeon is anytime after surgery and you have concerns. As Dr. Baxter points out there is some amount of judgement based on the pictures you're presenting. It is difficult to say specifically without seeing your pre-operative pictures as well. I would say that your inferior pole (the under portion of your breasts) seems a little full. Whether the average person would find this unattractive may be a point of discussion. As always - the best way to address concerns post-operatively are to see your treating plastic surgeon or make an appointment to see a board certified plastic surgeon. I hope this helps.

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