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How do I Reverse Bad Dermabrasion Results?

I'm an African American and I made the mistake of having a full faced dermabrasion to help treat acne scarring. The results were devastating, I'm 31 and I was left looking as though I am 50. What can i do to get rid of the severe post-inflamatory hyperpigmentation and aging skin? How can I now treat the acne scarring?


Dermabrasion in pigmented skin

Thanks for your question. I'm sorry to hear about your problem. There are two difficult situations. First - acne scarring is an incredibly challenging problem. There is no technology that will fully correct deeper acne scarring. In addition, most of the treatments are based on "ablative" techniques (dermabrasion, laser). These treatments can cause significant problems in patients with darker skin. These problems can include hypo or hyper pigmentation. The best course of action is patients to allow the results a full year to heal. Then find a board certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist for specific advice on your situation.

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