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How Long is Recovery from Capsular Contraction Surgery? How Long Before I Can Lift Weights?

I am 3 months post op from breast aug surg with 280 cc silicone implants placed under the muscle.I have capsular contraction in the left he didnt give me a grade im guessin 2 its not too hard just very fixed and high.The right has mild bottoming out. He wants to fix both after 6 months. Do I need new implants? How long is recovery? If I wait 6 months would it matter to wait longer? I'm still massaging it's helped it from getting worse and maybe kept things softer but I doubt it's going to drop.


Capsular Contracture- Recovery After Surgery

Thank you for your question. Capsular contracture requires surgical intervention that involves removing the hardened capsule and replacing the implant to prevent recurrence. The recovery from this procedure is typically easier than the initial augmentation because the muscle has already been elevated and the skin has already stretched out. Light exercise can typically be resumed in two to four weeks and increased as tolerated. Six months is a reasonable amount of time to wait to allow for the implant that is “bottoming out” to settle, as long as the capsular contracture is manageable for you and there are no indications for having surgery sooner. I hope this helps.

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