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How Long to Wait After Botox Injections to Have Brow Lift?

I'm planning on having a facelift/browlift surgery later this year. Given uncertainty as to when I can take time off from work for surgery, yesterday I impetuously opted for the immediate gratification of Botox injections for the "elevens" and above the brows to lift them slightly. Now, I am greatly regretting my impetuousness in not just patiently waiting for surgery. To get the best result from surgery, how long do I have to wait after Botox to have a browlift? (I swear Botox seems to last at least 6 months for me).


How long to wait for Botox to wear off

Thanks for the great question - You're right to think about the effects of Botox before a brow/facelift. In our San Francisco area practice we typically wait 6 months for fillers and botox/dysport type treatments to resolve before proceeding with facelift and browlifts. Be sure to talk to your surgeon about surgically weakening the muscles that you're getting treated ("your 11s") with botox during your brow lift to make sure that you don't need botox after! I hope this helps.

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