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How Long Would I have Muscle Spasms After Breast Augmentation surgery?

I went from a small B cup to having 500 cc breast implants and I have to take Valium just to perform the exercises to form the pockets.


Muscle Spasm After Breast Augmentation

Thanks for the fantastic question - Muscle spasm after sub-pectoral breast augmentation can be caused by the stretch of the pect. Muscle when the implant is placed beneath it. However blood and manipulation can also cause muscle spasm. The larger implant the more likely the spasm. Typically the spasm resolves after about 1 - 2 weeks as the muscle irritation decreases. In our San Francisco area practice we have worked extensively on a regimen that reduces spasm, which includes medications for the first few days as well as specific exercises for patients more prone to spasm. I hope this helps.

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