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How Long Would It Take Capsular Contracture to Occur?

I just had a 2nd capsulotomy on my right breast. A drain was placed this time. I am only 4 days out but so far so good except for some moderate pain at incision site. What are the odds this will occur again and are there any meds I should take or to help prevent another capsule?


Capsular Contracture

Thanks for the question - Unfortunately capsular contracture can happen at any time. There is a progressive risk as time goes on. In patients that have had capsular contracture I feel replacing the implant at time of capsulectomy can be an effective way at minimizing recurrence. There have been reports that a leukotriene inhibitor called Accolate may help prevent capsular contracture but the FDA has not looked at this indication and usage for capsular contracture is considered off-label. I hope this helps.

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