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How Much Does Breast Explantation Surgery Cost?

I am now 63 and am beginning to realize that no other woman my age has full and perky breasts like I do. I am beginning to feel self-conscious and expect that as I grow older, this will become more of a problem for me. I want to know if breast explantation surgery is an option, what could be done to ensure my breasts would become much smaller and how much this would cost.


Insurance will cover explantation

I'm a bit suprised this hasn't been mentioned yet... If you're looking for just explantation most medical insurance covers this, meaning that the cost to you would be your co-pay. I would definitely look into this option first. But keep in mind that insurance companies will NOT cover things like replacing implants, performing a breast lift or other cosmetic procedures. Some people can be disappointed with the look of their breasts after explantation without additional procedures. In my San Francisco practice we make sure that if a procedure can be covered by insurance that option is presented. I hope this helps. Steven Williams, MD

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