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How Much Fat would be Needed for a Brazilian Butt Lift procedure and Can You Use Fat from Other People?

I'm looking to have fat transferred from my thin body to my buttocks area but I can't find any fat except for my small pouchy belly! Is it possible for my husband's belly fat transferred to my buttocks in order to have the brazilian butt lift? Also, how much fat would one need for one butt cheek?


Brazilian Butt Lift - Where to get the fat?

Thanks for the question - In our San Francisco area practice we perform Brazilian Butt Lifts regularly. We typically need at least 300-400 ccs of fat per butt cheek. This of course depends on the anatomy and the desired amount of contour augmentatio People many times have more fat then they think they do. Areas that we look to help people improve include abdomen, flanks, and thighs. A tool that may be helpful is calculating your BMI (body mass index). (Just google it, there are plenty of online tools, all you need is your height and your weight). If your BMI is over 25 you likely have adequate fat for transfer. It is not currently possible to take fat from other people and use it to augment your own contours. Find a board certified plastic surgeon to discuss this issue with you in detail. I hope this helps!

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