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How Much Would Breast Implants Cost?

I would like to get breast implants but before i do i would like to know about breast augmentation surgery prices. How much would breast implants cost?


Breast Augmentation or Breast Implant Cost

Prices in the San Francisco area are generally between $6500 - $8500; silicone costs slightly more. All prices usually include surgeon, facility and anesthesia fees. Sometimes price quotes will ignore one or two of those parts of your surgery. You need all three! Be careful about shopping for plastic surgery based on price. I have heard for patients being able to get breast augmentation for as low as $4000. Some of those same low priced breast augmentation patients were seeing me for revisions or treatment of post-operative complications. Remember that all plastic surgery is a serious consideration. Always find a board certified plastic surgeon - speak to their former patients and be sure you have a good relationship with your doctor. You'll find out that you'll come out ahead by following those rules. I hope this helps.

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